Jehovah Bethal: Our Lord God who dwells within us

Lord we thank you for being El Bethel in our lives. The God who abides in us. You have planted your home within us as a dwelling place and you see and know all that concerns us. May your home forever be set up in the very depths of our souls so that we are always on the path that you have laid out before us.
Let your words dwell in us that we may know and live by them and for you. Reveal to us anything that is not right within us that would cause you to turn your face from us or that would distract us from carrying out the works and the ministry that you have laid upon our hearts. May we be pure in your sight to do all that you’ve called us to do.
Please teach us how to best threat these vessels – our bodies that you have given us so that you may dwell within them peacefully and that we may honour you in all we do.
As you are preparing our bodies for the conception of children and for bringing them forth into this world, help us to treat them right and remember that they are holy vessels for you first and foremost so that when we do bring our children forth, their first love will be for you,

in Jesus’ name, 

Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B ūüíē

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