Elohim Bashamayim: The Lord God in Heaven

  Father we thank you for being Elohim Bashamayim: Our God in heaven. 
For you sit in heaven above and the earth beneath is your footstool. You are so big and mighty and you have dominion over everything! Over EVERY situation in our lives. You are truly the ruler over all of the kingdoms of the nations and power and might belong to you so that nothing can stand against you. 
And because of this, no weapon formed against us by the enemy shall prosper in our lives. We shall not be afraid and we shall not be moved by lies or fear, for you are our God. And there is nothing you can’t do. 
When you control the heavens, there is no door on earth that you can’t open on our behalf – thank you for opening up every door that we need to make it in life and we declare today that any door that has been shut in our circumstances that we need to be opened, that you open it for us today and lead us on the right path in Jesus’ name, Amen. 
Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B šŸ’•

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