Sisssterrr!!! Sissssterrrrrrr!!!!


When I hear the words: Sister Sister – the first thing that comes to mind is: The 90s TV show my sister and I used to watch, featuring the twin sisters, Tia and Tamera. We LOVED that show!!!

My sister and I are NOT twins lol. There’s a four year age gap between us but we might as well be as close as twins are – or perhaps even closer. I woke up this morning with tears flooding my pillow – much to the alarm of Mr B who was so worried when he woke to see me crying and didn’t know why (bless him lol).

But I had a very valid reason: my little sissi is going off to China today to work there for a year! 

I’m so happy for her and unbelievably proud of her for following her dreams and not being afraid to venture into a brand new phase of her life – but something (rather selfish) in me was like: No sis! Don’t go!!!!

As I was looking through countless photos of the two of us together, the tears would just instantly come back again. And it reminded me of how hard it was for her when Mr B and I first got married. You realise that all of a sudden… your selfies change from being pics with your sister and best friend – to pics with your husband and new best friend.


For me it was hard, with us no longer being able to have sleepovers in my bedroom all the time (yes we had sleepovers even though we lived in the same house lol) or not being able to just quickly dash off to do a random clothes shopping spree at Tescos after teaching at Saturday school… All of that changed to me having to rush off to make sure food was ready at home for Mr B – and that I wasn’t absconding my “wife” duties in order to still live in a way I did before getting married.
 As hard as I thought it was on me – it was even harder for my sissi. Despite our separation being difficult – I was exploring a whole new world, being a new wife and sharing new experiences and adventures with Mr B. It’s very different for the sister who feels like her first best friend has all of a sudden left – not left completely obviously – but just that the dynamics of your relationship have now changed.

 I understand that not everyone will feel this way – as not everyone is close to their siblings – or even if they are, it’s not too much of a big deal to them. But for my siblings and I, we are ALL so close and my sister and I especially were literally joined at the hip lol! 

The amount of times people confuse our names or call the “wrong” sister by accident or mistake us for the other is so funny. And life has been and is still the best adventure with her!
My advice for anyone getting married who is super close to their sister is to cherish every moment you get with each other and to organise yourself and make time for each other. I thank God for showing me the importance of this and for allowing me to still maintain a very close relationship and bond with my sister, despite having to also uphold everything that’s important in my marriage with Mr B… 


 And I’m also grateful to Mr B for being so understanding of the bond that my sister and I have. This morning when he found me crying, I thought he would think it was rather silly – since his siblings live in different cities across the world – but he just held me and wiped my tears and told me he understands. God bless you Mr B 😘
  So as my sister prepares to travel to China today and to persue her dreams, it is with great pride and joy that I wish her all the very best! She’s found a new breath of courage and independence and fearlessness that I’m so in awe of and I’m excited to see ALL that God has in store for this beautiful, breathtaking, creative and intelligent woman whom I’m proud to call my sister. 

I know that God has awesome plans for your life sissi and I can’t wait for you to live them all out and be the person you’ve been called to be. We’ll all be waiting to hug and kiss you when you return – including your new nephew Baby B! Lol

Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B πŸ’•


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