Elohei Chasdi – The Lord, God of Kindness


Elohei Chasdi – The Lord, God of Kindness.
I remember the first time Jesus came to my bedroom to take me to Heaven. The first thing I felt was a sense of being unworthy and not deserving to go – but within a split second- He took away all of those feelings and just covered me with His love and kindness and grace and all I could think about was how good and loving and kind our Lord is.
I think it’s just amazing that we get to serve a God who is so awesome and powerful – and quite frankly very scary! Yet in all of that, He is still out comforter and best friend who shows us love, compassion and kindness. With just a still, small, sweet voice, He can restore our broken hearts just like that! How awesome is my God?!?
Elohei Chasdi, you are the Lord, God of kindness. We declare this morning that your grace and kindness shines upon us. 
You are our stronghold and the God who shows us loving-kindness, compassion and favour all around in Jesus’ name.  
Forgive us for the moments when we look to other means or consider other means of reaching where we need to be – instead of having faith in the kindness you have shown us through your promises to deliver our breakthroughs.
We know that you are a mighty and powerful God, able to sweep man away with one breath from your mouth but in your kindness you allow us to draw close to you, to have a relationship with you, to be loved and to be blessed by you and to share in the beauty of your kingdom. 
Lord we are eternally grateful and we thank you for your gift of love, kindness and compassion. Help us to share this same gift with those you have placed into our lives. 
In Jesus’ name, Amen 
Faith, Hope & Love, 
Mrs B šŸ’•

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