Jehovah Elohim Yeshua: The Lord God Saves

It’s so awesome to know that when Christ died for us on the cross, it wasn’t just to save us so that we could go to Heaven one day… It was also Him saving us so that we can have Heaven here on Earth through Him. No matter what circumstance or situation we find ourselves in today, we have confidence in the fact that we serve a living God who saved us and who can thus save us from anything. Thank you Jesus! 


Thank you Lord for being Jehovah, Elohim Yeshua in our lives. Your name means Lord God of my salvation.

How privileged we are to know that we can come into your presence and before your throne – because you saved us and gave us access to you and to your divine majesty. 

Help us to live out our days in full obedience to you as we live with a heart of expectancy, hope and gratefulness.
Jehovah Elohim Yeshua, you are the Lord God of my salvation. You reign from heaven and rule on earth. 

You rescue those in need and bind up the brokenhearted. You save not only eternally but in time and history. 
You save us from making wrong choices or going down the wrong path through the wisdom of your Word. 

You save us from living a life of misery and regret through the compassion of your healing forgiveness and grace. 
You save us from worry knowing that we can trust in you. 
You save us from confusion when we seek your truth and kingdom agenda in our life. We praise you because you are Jehovah Elohim Yeshua, the Lord God of my salvation. 

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Faith, Hope & Love,
Mrs B ūüíē

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