Snippet from God Made Sex and He Saw That It Was Good…The Honey

Bonjour lovelies,

Hope you’re all well. It’s my birthday today… Yay! I’m so excited to share a bit of my new book with you, due in June 2016… Just like Baby B 👶🏾🙏🏾

God Made Sex And He Saw That It Was Good!!! Exploring God’s Gift of Sex in Marriage
This books gets down to the knitty gritty about sex and its role in our lives as Christians. 
What’s acceptable? 
What’s not? 
What does God really think about these things?
And how are we supposed to act towards them?
From Pornograohy and masturbation… To soul ties and spirit husbands … To the realities of losing your virginity… To keeping SEX a key aspect of your married life… The book covers it all!
I pray it will be a blessing to you just as God has blessed me through writing it.
Available in June for £10 or you can preorder today for £7 by sending an email indicating your interest to


I’d also like to congratulate my wonderful sister for starting her blog and ministry about waiting on God for the fruit of the womb.  

Please go and send some love at So many women go through the journey of waiting alone and of suffering the loss of a pregnancy alone without any support. I am so grateful to God that when we had a miscarriage I had a strong network of family and friends and faith builders to be there for me – but not everyone does and sometimes even when they do – they find it hard to speak about it. 


9 Months and Waiting is truly a ministry I believe in and I pray that it will be such a blessing to so many of us women who need to share our experiences and grow and support eachother.

So… Without any further ado…

Here’s a snippet below from the chapter entitled: The Honey


Like all the young women in her church, Simi had been told to ‘save herself’ for marriage. The matter of this ‘saving’ had been discussed when she was but on the cusp of a teenage world that was ever so eager to make her acquaintance. And like most of the other girls at the Budding Roses Christian Conference for Girls, she believed she knew what it meant. The core values of the conference had been etched into her mind: Don’t have sex before you’re married. Simple. The whole scientific concept of it all petrified her.

 Don’t kiss a guy until you’re at the altar in your white wedding dress. Hmm…she had never kissed a guy before, unless she counted that one time when Aunty Gloria’s new boyfriend got very merry at the family Christmas party two years ago and somehow managed to find his lips against hers in the pantry room when she had been sent to fetch another jar of cranberry sauce. It had happened so quickly and his tongue was so big and pink as it failingly tried to force its way past her tightly pursed lips. The whole ordeal and the debacle it caused after, was more than enough to put her off wanting to lock lips with anyone for life! So she was most certainly fine in that department. 

No hand holding. Well, she had always suffered from sweaty palms and wasn’t ready to disclose that information to any Tom, Dick or Harry – so that was already a definite No- No! All in all, it wouldn’t be the easiest decision to make but it had been sold to her in such a way that she was determined to keep it. If not for the sanctimonious sake of ‘saving herself’, then at least to prove to herself that she could stick to something. 

The failed attempts over the past year to give up those small packets of Haribos, to stop biting her nails, to hand in her homework on time and to go through a whole week without logging onto Facebook or checking her Instagram, had made her determined to welcome her teenage self with open arms and an open sense of determination to make a decision and commit to it. 

Thus, as she stood wide eyed at the beaming young lady with the most beautiful white teeth who graced the stage with her happiness and a joy that could only have been derived from her testimony of saving herself for marriage… Simi vowed that the only man who would ever find himself between her legs, would be her husband…and of course perhaps a male midwife should that be the case when the time comes. 
She rushed home from the conference that night and began making plans right away. She made a promise to God and to herself that one day she too would grace the stage with her presence, her beautiful white teeth, her testimony and her virginity intact. 

For Simi, her plans were a robust force, an impenetrable shield of female independence. And keeping her virginity was the sacred golden key at the heart of it all. Her battle armour against the world (and the men who occupied it). Yet, as pre-teen enthusiasms gave way to adolescent realisms, Simi quickly learned that life apparently doesn’t always go in accordance with the plans that one can so eagerly make. Plans that she had made at a time when there was nothing to test those rose tinted dreams and desires that had so freely dared to escape her young brown mind…her young brown eyes and her young brown lips. Plans that to the World, were nothing but a fragile ball of mesh – encased in the plush pink softness of a dainty sense of naivety. Plans that would eventually be challenged and cause that sacred key to rust and crumble, forfeiting the fortress of innocence that it had once so gallantly defended – and Simi’s curiosity was unleashed onto the world around her.

Unleashed so greatly that in her first year of university, she found herself one night, looking at him as she held the small pot of warm honey in her hands. He looked so beautiful, lying there beneath her as she sat upon his thighs, just below his pelvis. She shifted backwards slightly, raised the pot in the air and slowly poured the warm honey down on to his penis. It was already erect and she giggled as it jolted when the warm drips of thick honey met with its tip. She watched it slowly slide down the sides of him and down into the thick curly mass of black hair that lay waiting at its base. He watched her all the while. Studying her face and feeling the smooth wetness of the honey on him. His hands reached for her behind as he tried to pull her closer but she resisted. Instead, she smiled at him, brought the honey pot to her chest and tipped it, allowing the honey to run down her breasts in streaks of gold against her brown skin. 

His hands rose to her sides and he sat upright, gently caressing the tips of her nipples with his tongue. The honey was sweet and he wanted her more. He kissed her breasts, her neck, her face and found her tongue. They kissed each other, the taste, the smell of honey, heightening their desire. She gently pulled away and softly pushed him back down. Again, he reached for her behind, pulling her onto his penis but once more, she resisted. She lowered herself and bent down to kiss his lips while stroking the stubble of his beard with her hand. She moved down, kissing his chest and stopped at his pelvis. His hands were in her hair now and he had clenched his fingers in anticipation of what was to come… 

“My child, you’re better than this…” Simi stopped! Her eyes widened and her breath was almost cut short. She had heard it! As clearly as the sound of the clock ticking on the wall beside her. It was like a whisper…A still, soft voice – so gentle and faint but oh ever so real! Right in her ear… Right in her heart! She quickly got up and jumped off the bed. Grabbing her clothes, she threw them into her duffle bag, snatched her long coat from the stand, put it on and shoved her feet into her flat pumps. 

She left the room without a word, leaving behind her honey pot, along with the confused desperate pleas of the naked pastor on the bed…

6 thoughts on “Snippet from God Made Sex and He Saw That It Was Good…The Honey

  1. 9monthsandwaiting says:

    Happy Birthday my beautiful sis! May the years ahead exceed your expectations and bring forth nothing but more testimonies, laugher and Joy. May He continue to use you as a source of blessing.
    Thank you for the mention, I also pray 9monthsandwaiting will be a blessing.
    The snippet! Wow! I definitely want more! I kept trying to scroll down expecting to see more writing! Lol
    Looking forward to receiving my copy and taking notes.
    Love you. Xx


  2. Stacie Cherill says:

    This is EPIC! WE NEED MORE REAL BOOKS LIKE THIS! I was sold when you said “Spirit husband “.. The church does not talk about these things !! I HAVE READ ALL YOUR BLOGS, God allowed me to discover you blog last week as I was experiences demonic attacks because the closeness of my breakthrough ! Your marriage testimony was SUPERNATURAL CONFIRMATION ! IT SHUT DOWN EVERY LIE OF THE ENEMY ! Thank you for your obedience to GOD! Cannot wait to have this book! Will be sharing this on Facebook! I’m 22 from Texas, USA and your walk with Christ is so inspiring ! Congrats on the pregnancy and you are beautiful !!
    – love from Texas
    Stacie Cherill Dickson
    Of 😍💗💗


    • Mrs Busari says:

      Dear Stacie, your words have really touched my heart! Thank you so much. I am so glad your breakthrough is coming trust me! God is so good and the devil can’t stand it. Lots of love right back at you from the UK 💕💕💕


      • Mrs Busari says:

        Thank you darling. So glad you liked it. Soon the book will be out and hope you’ll enjoy the rest of it lol. Don’t forget I’m still arranging the yes at my place too 💕💕💕


  3. Nike says:

    I’m fully gripped! I hope it is a long read and I can’t wait to get my copy. I can’t believe I will be missing Saturday’s event 😢😭😦😳. I hope there is a recording of it… will be praying all goes well!!

    Liked by 1 person

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