God Made Sex… And He Saw That It Was Good! 


Bonjour lovelies! I know I’m so overdue with a new post 🙈. My aim is always to do one per month but I’ve recently been rather… Shall I say…Occupied… I’ll explain in more detail another time because the testimony is unbelievably awesome!  But please forgive the break lol. Apology kisses from me to you 😘😘😘


So it’s a New Year (yes I know I’m late lol) but here’s to wishing you all God’s best for you and more this year. I pray that all He has laid on your heart to accomplish and fulfill will not be cut short in Jesus’ name.


Right! So let’s get into it…. Afternoon Tea with Mrs B is our next event and we’ll be discussing God’s design for sex in marriage on the day… In a classy way. For those in the UK who will be able to attend… I can’t wait to see you again – as well as to meet new faces.

Afternoon Tea is something I truly love! It’s so classy and calming and I’m a lover of Tea (in all its various forms and flavours… Mr B actually thinks I have a “Tea Problem” as I’m always coming home with a new box of flavoured herbal tea and he’s convinced we can now open our own tea shop! Lol!)

But this isn’t really about the TEA… It’s more about another small, yet powerful three letter word: S E X… Yep! We’ll be discussing Sex over some tasty delights with a range of different teas at the beautiful Grange City Hotel in their vintage Tea Room – and Sex is NOT a topic for us to shy away from! I’m making it my business! So Kermit, you can sip that tea all you like! Lol! 🐸☕️

I’d like to share with you a few aspects of my new book coming out soon: “God Made Sex and He Saw That It Was Good”. The book touches on Virginity, Pornograohy & Masturbation, Purity, Soul Ties, Sex after the Wedding, tips and tricks to keep things fresh 😜 and a lot more! And of course…there’s A LOT of Scripture! 

We’ll be discussing elements from the book at our Afternoon Tea – so for those who are coming, remember to send in your questions. We’ll have a panal on the day of extraordinary women who will be helping us get to the bottom of some really tricky questions when it comes to discussing sex from a Christian point of view.

So why SEX? Well, as some of you know… SEX was a very big issue for me when I got married. You can read my one year wedding anniversary post to see how I found it… Well… Slightly challenging to get into the groove at first 🙈: https://mrsbusari.com/2015/01/16/nuptials-shared-and-a-year-after/ 

Something I’ve always been an advocate of is saving yourself sexually for marriage. I was a virgin when Mr B and I tied the knot and my virginity was the reason why all of my previous boyfriends had broken up with me – but my wonderful Mr B was the ONLY man who loved and respected me enough to wait until marriage. (He waited for three years after we started dating before we finally got married. My exes couldn’t manage six months!)

And there was never any pressure. It’s easier for a Virgin to make such a decision of abstinence but for someone who’s already been sexually active…it’s not easy. I have to admit that now that my cherry has been popped … It would be … Very difficult to wait for that long lol!) 🙈🍒🙈
 The level of love, awe, admiration and respect I have for my fine Hubby when I think of just that alone… Is immeasurable. His desire for us to honour God together with our bodies by waiting until marriage to be sexually active proves to me that God’s design for love and sex is still very much attainable and real in a world where the message is so contrary to that.


I believe that the Church has a responsibility to teach about sex properly. Not just abstinence but the reasons behind it and possible expectations and outcomes that can occur even after marriage… Thus it’s my passion to promote such discussions – so that we have a spiritual and realistic understanding of such a precious gift from God.
So my loves,

Until the book comes out soon,

I’ll leave you with this:


Your neck is my pillow.

My blushed lips are pressed against the brushed stubble of your beard:

That sexy one you grew- just for me.

Our bodies lay outstretched yet entwined together – as our limbs dance in a still framed picture – our hands clasped as you drift asleep.

And even with you deep-

In that other world of slumber

Your arm still knows – and embraces my frame – drawing me close-

To you.

With your other neatly folded behind your head like –

Love- making has got you

All in a daze-

Like a Lazy Holiday-

Overlooking the clear blue waves –

Swinging in your hammock over the blissful shores of my virtue-

My virtue-

That I Genesis Twenty-Five gave you-

On our Wedding Day-

In some pain – Naked- but no SHAME boo-

As God brought me to you.

And you’ve blessed me with your love 

Ever since – 

Pouring it out so freely – 

With Matrimonial ecstasy-

Flowing all over me…
And the bliss…

 I feel is…

Oh! My cup doth runneth over! 

With the beautiful joy of such a gift from God-


I think about

The way –

You make –


To me –

Mr B

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B 💕

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