Think Fast Tuesdays 


Hello my loves, hope you’re all well and that September has been so good to you so far. I personally LOVE September, as it’s my wedding month and as my second wedding anniversary approaches, I can’t help but think about the VERY long journey it took to get Mr B and I to this point of our lives, being happily married together … When this time five years ago, it seemed like an impossibility with so many barriers coming between us!

But the beauty of God is that when we engage with Him, He responds and fights every battle for us, giving us victory. And for me, prayer and fasting was and still is one of the most powerful things that helps me to really connect with God. It enabled me to seek God more and He provided me with the ladder that I would need to climb over and to overcome every barrier and blockage that stood between Mr B and I. 

Back in August 2010 when I started my week of prayer and fasting for my husband, I knew why I was doing it. Fasting isn’t about doing something to MAKE God move on your behalf…

God will do what He CHOOSES to do. But…He does love it when we seek Him and engage with Him. Fasting simply shows God that we’re willing to forsake or sacrifice something… In this case food… In order to be filled up with Him… To be filled up with His presence… To involve ourselves in a spiritual realm that is oh so very real! And to take dominion over all that God had promised to us.


I knew that God had promised me my husband and so prayer and fasting was my way of surrendering all sense of control regarding the matter over to God…And He surely doesn’t disappoint. The answer may not come in the form or package we may have been expecting… Mine sure didn’t lol… But today… When I look at my Mr B… I’m so happy and grateful to God that I surrendered the decision about who to marry over to Him through prayer and fasting.

So today being Tuesday, as some of you already know, is our weekly Prayer and Fasting day in the Busari home. It’s so important to keep actively placing Christ at the centre of marriage… To consciously be honouring Him and upholding Him as the source of your joy, happiness, finances, plans, careers, goals, children  and ultimately the source of the faith, the hope and the love that you have in your marriage.

Just as some women have sent in their prayer points and  joined me in the Tuesday fast, feel free to join in from next week also. You can send your prayer points in via email ( and even if you don’t want to fast for the whole day, you can chose a couple of hours… There are no rules… I’m sure God can handle all the extra prayers lol… He is God after all! And as James 5:16 states, our prayers will avail much, providing we walk in obdeince and righteousness with God.


Think Fast Tuesdays literally means to think about.. Or to occupy your mind with a strong focus on God and on what He wants for your life, rather than what we Think we want.
It’s surrendering all control of our own way of thinking and entrusting it all to God…it’s about changing your mindset from I Want To Marry That One! To… Lord, Who Do You Want Me To Marry? 
So feel free to join us in prayer and fasting next week and remember to surrender it all to God.
Wishing you all a blessed week ahead and for all who fasted with me today, may God look favourably upon us and may He delight in our willingness to put Him first in all that concerns us. May we have clarity and peace of mind and may we remember to always give the glory to our  mighty saviour and King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

Amen and Amen.
Faith, Hope and Love,
Mrs B Xx

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