Christian Conversations on Love and Marriage – Lagos 2015 

Howdy Hi beautiful people!

Happy new month! May September be full of wonderful blessings for us all in Jesus’ name.

I have some exciting news to announce… I was going to do a post on the Christian Conversations event we held in Nigeria…going into detail about what we did etc … But then I thought it wouldn’t be fair on those who are still yet to experience it. 

Because not knowing what was in the program or what to expect, is actually part of the lesson we’re meant to learn during the workshop.

All I can say is that it had been on my heart to do something like this but the extent of the marriage ministry had always been based on me sharing my testimony at various events or radio stations/ interviews etc and via providing council and standing with women in prayer online via email or through the blog.

But this was different. This was an actual relationship workshop and it was fantastic! It was actually Mr B’s idea to do it. I was a bit hesitant at first because I’ve never run a relationship workshop before in my life! But his words of encouragement inspired me and with prayers, it finally happened and it was absolutely awesome!

Here are a few pics and testimonials from the event. Mr B was also supposed to be our photographer on the day and … Well… Let’s just say we all kind of got so engrossed that we forgot to take pictures throughout the whole event lol! It was supposed to be for 2 hours and ended up being a 4 hour event! But hey! When God’s moving… Who cares about the time right? Lol.

And now…. The announcements! Lol.

So… I’m so excited to announce that Christian Conversations on Love and Marriage will be running for our UK beauties this November in London!
I’m still finalising the details but I can’t wait to send out all the info so you can sign up. This one is strictly for our Single Ladies.

Also, my new book, Portrait of A Virgin: A Devotional for the Single Lady Waiting for God’s Best in Marriage, will be released in March 2016. The book launch will be on 26th March 2016 and the event will also be a relationship and prayer conference so… Hopefully… Some of our single ladies will meet their future husbands on the day… Can I get an Amen?! Lol!

And don’t worry Nigeria, I haven’t forgotten you at all! Lol. I’ll be back to run the next Christian Conversations on Love and Marriage on Friday Febuary 12th in Lagos. So anyone who missed out last time, feel free to come along.

I’m working on building up the website so all of these dates will be in the Calender on the website soon.

And finally…. One of my beautiful friends has inspired me to start Think.Fast.Tuesdays… I’ll share more about that before the end of this week so we can ALL be ready for it lol.  But I’m so excited about it. 

Love you all so much and as I said before… May this new month be one of blessings for all of us in Jesus’ mighty name! Amen and Amen.

Faith, Hope and Love,
Mrs B Xx




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