Christian Conversations on Love and Marriage… This July! Lagos… Are you ready???

Finally the month of July is upon us and I’m so excited to finally have a chance to meet with you in Lagos.

Some might say that what I’m about to say is TMI (For the old folk that means Too Much Information lol). But in this world of “Too Much Information” that we already live in, I feel it’s best to at least put the RIGHT type of information out there.

I recently shared at a talk I gave, of how a couple of weeks ago, after making love with my husband I cried as he held me. These were not tears of pain or sorrow but instead, tears of pure joy as I just thought about how AMAZING God is. The love I felt for him and from him right at that exact moment in time is indescribable.
At the talk, I shared of how in 2008, in my final year at uni, my ex boyfriend had broken up with me. He broke up with me not just because I wouldn’t have sex before marriage but because as he put it: I “Loved God too much”.
I felt heartbroken when he told me and wondered if I would ever find the right man who loved me for me and for my love for God.

But fast forward 7 years from that time and I am shedding tears of joy after making beautiful love with my husband who loves me for me and who loves me for loving God too much! To be loved and held in the arms of the man that God Himself has called to be your husband, best friend, priest of your home and the head of your house is such a beautiful feeling and one that every woman who trusts in God deserves to have.
It breaks my heart when I see girls being played about by useless men who prey on their weaknesses or who know that these young women are women of substance and yet they’re literally toying with them. Messing up their emotions and confusing their sense of spiritual discernment.
It’s such a hard process as a young woman sometimes to try and filter out all of the bad weeds that come your way… Especially when they appear to have come direct from the throne room of heaven – but as Christ said, there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing and I pray that all women out there who are trusting and seeking God for their spouse will not loose heart but will continue to pray for a discerning spirit – for God to reveal the truth about all of the men who come their way.
God will show up for you in His perfect timing and the man he sends will be the one who loves EVERYTHING about you… ESPECIALLY your love for Christ. I pray that every woman in that position will one day make beautiful love with her sweet husband and feel the tears of joy rolling down her cheeks as he holds her in his arms and she ponders in her heart just how AMAZING our God is.
So Ladies of Lagos, get ready and let’s discuss what it is God requires of us to be women of substance and dealing with the trying times of waiting on Him for that one true love. It’s going to be a time of faith and fun!
Faith Hope and Love,
Mrs B x

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