Valentines Day Every Day


Happy Valentines day everyone!

Today’s supposed to be a day of celebrating love ❤️❤️❤️

And today follows  the release date of a certain film, which I’m not going to promote as I don’t feel it projects the true nature of love and a sexual relationship that is beautiful and loving – as it should be.

I will however, like to raise the point of not taking your spouse for granted but to show them love not just today but everyday! Love and sex in marriage is beautiful and acts of romance don’t have to be confined to just one day.

Especially within marriage, it’s easy to get into a routine of complacency – especially for women. Statistics show that women are less likely to want to make love or to feel sexy within marriage. Well… God forbid the day that ever happens to me! Can I get an Amen.

Something I realised is that at times it’s even up to the woman to set the tone. Be the initiator and get your loving on! Remember that when you’re married… God has given you that freedom to express yourself sexually and romantically. Your body belongs not just to yourself but also to your husband so give it to him and give it to him real good!

I feel like an old Nigerian aunty right now who’s trying to give a new bride some bedroom advice lol. But in all honesty: Wives… Don’t be shy. Take the bull by the horns and ride it well well!

It’s not always up to the husband to have to initiate love making or to be romantic all the time. Yes… He must definitely do all of those things but it’s also nice when the wife does too. And it’s not just about love making but small romantic gestures… Being creative and just showing him what he means to you.


Last week Friday, when my husband was coming home after working away for the week… I had a red table cloth laid out in the passage way for him – sort of like a red carpet so it would be a befitting welcome for my king… And the prize at the end of this royal welcome: his queen in a sexy lingerie number.


It’s not anything major but it just shows appreciation for the person whom you declare to be the love of your life. As much as Valentines day is a great day to show how much we love our spouse, it’s also important to remember that God’s love for us is unconditional and not restricted to certain days in our calendar.

In the same way, God has directed us to love each other as Christ has shown love to us. Thus, in any way we can, whether it be big or small, gestures of love towards our spouse should be encouraged all the time.


Obviously I understand that we’re not always in the mood. And everyday responsibilities and necessities of life can often get in the way and it’s easy to put love and romance on the back seat of the proverbial Bus of Priorities – but we have to make a conscious effort to not leave it back there. Remember how it was when we were first dating or courting. So let’s learn from Ms Rosa Park’s and bring that sexy passion to the front of the bus! Lol

So this valentines day, snuggle up, kiss and cuddle, eat out, eat in, eat off of each other if you want to! 😜 But in all of it, remember that as you show love and kindness to the love of your life, the one whom you were joined together by The Lord God Almighty… You’re also doing it in obedience to our Heavenly Father.

What God has joined together, let no man or any Nonsense 50 Shades of Nothing cast asunder. Enjoy your Valentines day. Not just today but everyday of your marital lives together.

And if you don’t have a valentines this year, show an act of love and kindness to friends and family around you. You could buy a sandwich for a homeless person or offer to help your aunty with the housework or something – or decide to help out at children’s church this week even if you’re not on the rota. God sees our hearts and when He sees us honouring His word to love our neighbours as He has shown love to us, He will remember you and at the right time, you’ll be celebrating this day of love with your Boaz also…


Rather that, than spontaneously sending your ex boyfriend a message that he has no business receiving… ☕️🐸 – but that’s none of my business… Lol.

Have a great day beautiful people and don’t forget to show God’s love in whatever you decide to do today…and everyday! Xx

Faith, Hope and Love,

Mrs B x

And now here’s something cheeky for ya! Only if your married though! Lol 😍😜😍


8 thoughts on “Valentines Day Every Day

  1. nike says:

    Yay!Thanks Been waiting for a post a long time. Thanks for the post. Lessons learnt for when I married. Can you also do blog post on when you were single; like waiting on the Lord from experience.


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