When An Angel Delivers A Message…You Better Believe It!


“Now, this is the story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there
I’ll tell you how … well… how God sent an angel to give me a message and the importance of learning to trust in His Word no matter what!”

OK! So it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as The Fresh Prince’s version but the visit from the angel that night truly did lead me to my own prince…Mr Busari!

When God sends an angel to tell you that one day you will marry the prince that The Lord Himself has chosen for you…you better believe it!

As I mentioned in my last post, God is Love and Marriage is His Design. Marriage has been designed by God as an expression of love  – as an expression of Himself – as an expression of the true, intended relationship between Christ and His Church. Marriage was designed by God for a specific reason: To glorify Him. And every TRULY Christ centred marriage (because there’s a difference between the ones that are and the ones that are not…) is designed to glorify God in it’s own unique way. When God told me that the marriage that I wanted  would eventually happen one day, and that He would use it as  a platform for ministry, it was hard for me to see how this would be possible – I couldn’t see so far off into the future  – when right before me was a long, dark, bleak tunnel and I couldn’t see the light at the end of it at all.

I remember coming home from church every Sunday, week in, week out, for almost two years, living under the taboo of having fallen in love with a Muslim guy and not knowing when the time would come for him to be encountered by Christ and for us to eventually be together as God had promised. My sister used to look at me back then with sad but kind eyes and say ‘Wow sis, at church they always talk about people going through a wilderness period… this really is the wilderness period for you’. My sister and I joke about the time when she said that now. But back then, all I wanted to do was cry! Which I did! Again and again! Until I eventually stopped crying and started praying and remembered the shining light that surrounded the angel that came to deliver the message of Dayo’s salvation.

After that, I had to ask God for forgiveness. I had made it about me and not about trusting in Him. Focusing so much on myself and on what I wanted had caused me to forget or even doubt the powerful message that God had sent me. Praying to God reminded me that no matter how hard it gets, though you may not always be able to see the light, you always remember that it’s still there. There are just a few more twists and turns of the tunnel to go through before gold- like speckles of dusty rays start to glimmer in the distance and you finally burst through – out into the light that you were promised so long ago!

A number of people have told me that they are inspired by my marriage and I thank God for this but often think to myself ‘but why?’ For a while I had even put off starting this blog because I didn’t want to come across as ‘showing off’ in any way, or being out of my depth. After all, I’ve only been married for just over a year – what do I have to offer? So I put it into prayer and yet God continuous to remind me that this isn’t about me at all – or about my husband- but about Him – and about what He wants to use our marriage for as it glorifies His name by encouraging and inspiring others.

I believe that the hardship and the testing times – or as my sister put it: The Wilderness Period is what God wanted me to learn from and to prepare Dayo and I for this ministry that He had promised to establish. Although my story was first thrust into the world of social media by accident albeit, it has however, helped to encourage and inspire different women around the world whom I would have never have had the privilege of knowing if it wasn’t for it. Previous to Bella Naija posting the story, I had only shared it with family and friends and at my church.

So how did it end up becoming a Bella Naija post you ask? Well… leading up to my wedding, I sent Bella Naija the link to our wedding website for a pre-wedding feature which told the basic story of how we met and the proposal with pre-wedding photos etc…   (http://lolaanddayo.gettingmarried.co.uk/)

Then at the end of the email, I sent the testimony to the editor for her to know the background to our story. It was never meant to be published as an article. Lo and behold…within a week…it was all over Bella Naija and I was getting calls and emails from all over the place! They had totally disregarded the info I sent them from our wedding website and ran with the testimony instead! If you want to read the full testimony, you can still check it out on their website. Lots of people believed it and many more most definitely didn’t believe it! And who could blame them? I myself had seen the angel with my own eyes and yet was still doubting and second guessing what God had said at times when it looked like this breakthrough was just not happening.

Anyhoo… I guess when God wants a story to be heard…He will make it be heard. And if that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have had all of the messages from the young women out there who have asked me for advice etc. or who have asked me to start this blog. But the main message is to trust God with all your being. Even now I feel bad sometimes for doubting what God had promised because it hadn’t happened at the time that I expected it to – and that’s what usually happens. We start to distrust God’s promises when the timing is not akin to our own time scales or when something unexpected pops up along the way that kind of throws us off and causes us to spiral down even further into our own sense of despair.

One of the things I did back then to help, was to write a letter to God, reminding Him of His promises and telling Him that I will never let go of Him. I folded it up and placed it in my Bible by Psalm 27. Verse 14 of that Psalm says: “Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” – and that’s what we must do. It’s about dwelling on His word and dwelling on who He is – and not just dwelling on what He can give us. In times of waiting, God wants us to draw near to Him and to show total reliance on Him because at the end of the day – the glory belongs to Him. That’s why sometimes He plans things in a way that takes us right to the edge – to the brink of our sanity almost (because at times I almost felt like some crazy woman) and then just at the right time He shows us like BOOH YAHH!!! SEE THE MIGHTY GOD THAT YOU SERVE!!! (Ok maybe He won’t actually say BOOH YAHH – but you know what I mean).

Either way, it’s for Him to take the glory and for us to see just how incredible and meticulous our God is – because He always maps out a plan for us – whether we realise it or not.

So if you ever get a message from an Angel of the Lord… you better believe it lol! – And it may not even always be in such a big way with flashing lights. It could be that equally powerful still, small, voice. I know it’s not easy waiting on God to deliver His promise of the right husband that He himself has hand picked (TRUST ME I KNOW!!!) –  and even after that, there are even more challenges – having and raising godly children, the right career that doesn’t compromise your new family,  being in the right church for your new family etc. – All are important decisions that require God’s guidance and direction.

But in everything, let’s always remember to give God thanks for all that we do have  and to lean on Him at all times – especially during our times of waiting on Him. Here’s to praying that God will bless us all with our heart’s desires in accordance with His divine will (and not our own) – and may He do exceedingly  and abundantly more than what we hoped for in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Faith, hope and love,

Mrs B x



5 thoughts on “When An Angel Delivers A Message…You Better Believe It!

  1. Miss M says:

    Very much needed this blog. Came across this message just at the right time.
    Thank you for listening to God’s will and starting this blog. It is something that you may feel is unheard of, but sometimes there is a small community of people (women in this case) who need to hear things like this, especially when the typical testimonies


  2. Miss M says:

    Very much needed this blog. Came across this message just at the right time.
    Thank you for listening to God’s will and starting this blog. It is something that you may feel is unheard of, but sometimes there is a small community of people (women in this case) who need to hear things like this, especially when the typical testimonies (the ones we always hear) become a bit too cliche to speak into our own personal situations.

    May God continue to bless you with more wisdom, and please don’t feel scared to post anything – I’ve read all your blogposts this morning and I must say it has helped me a lot, and even made me laugh lol you are very funny too!) God bless you & Mr B xxx


    • Mrs Busari says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I truly appreciate it and it means so much to hear things like this. Thank you sis. Lol. I’ve been told that I could be a comedian lool xx


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