I Signed Up For This


So here we are, welcome to my first post on My Happily Ever After! So glad you’ve come to visit and I hope you’ll share this journey with me. Feel free to share your own experiences too, as I feel that we can all share our experiences of life with each other and learn from one another.

It’s been on my heart to start a blog for a very long time… But procrastination, excuses and a hefty workload had kept it just there… On my heart and not Online lol. However… After a huge push from my mother, lol and the recent flourish of emails, messages and numerous requests that I’ve had to start a blog (primarily based on my articles on Bella Naija) I feel it’s time to step up and start!

So… Yes. I Signed Up For This. Signed up for what you ask? Well I signed up for Life! I believe that none of us asked to be born. Existence was thrust upon us by God, but LIFE was also OFFERED. We have to “sign up” for it if we want to LIVE and not just EXIST.

And that’s what I’ve decided to do in regards to my life as a woman in society, a wife to my husband, a sister and friend to my family and loved ones, a teacher to my students, a mentor to young women , an employer to my staff, a lover of life to the world that God’s given us and as a daughter of the Most High King, Jesus Christ.

Thus the blog is called “My Happily Ever After”. Because I want my life, my marriage, my relationships, my faith to be just that. It’s about making a choice to trust in God and to follow His plan for our lives in order for us to have a “happily ever after” kind of life.

Obviously life is not a bed of roses. Far from it. But we can make the most of it amongst the thorns – and that’s what I’ve signed up for. My marriage is one of the main focal points of my life. Not in an idolised sense – but as a way of expressing Love and Life. God is Love and as it says above: Love is of God and Marriage is His design. Marriage isn’t something to be taken lightly. You have to know exactly what you’re signing up for when you’re all smiles and thinking about how you’re going to azonto all over the dance floor with your boo once the reception starts…but there’s life after the big day  – and that’s what we need to always remember: The ACTUAL MARRIAGE is in fact The ACTUAL LIFE that you’ve signed up for AFTER the wedding…

God has moulded my life thus far in a way that has lead to lessons being learnt, faith being built and experiences being shared – and He’s using the platform of Marriage as a ministry to enable me to do this – which is something that He promised to establish in my life, in order to encourage and inspire others.

By no means am I professing to be a marriage expert, it’s only been just over a year of blissful matrimony with my boo…my rock…my ‘oi oi sailor!’…my everything…my Mr B! But surprisingly, within such a short space of time, there’s been a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience that I’ve developed as a wife (mostly through trial and error lol – and of course through prayer) that I’m excited to share and explore with you. As time progresses, I’m sure we will all learn from one another and inspire each other along the way – And it’s not just for the married…we need those who are about to tie the knot and those who are trusting God for their ‘special someone’ (That sounds so Nigerian lol!) to get involved too!

So let’s start and see what happens together as we embark on this journey of Happily Ever After…

Feel free to click on the ‘comment’ link at the top to leave any public comments or if you’re shy lol, fill in the comments box below and they’ll be kept private x

Faith, Hope and Love,

Mrs B x

8 thoughts on “I Signed Up For This

  1. Mz_Funke says:

    Hello Mrs B! Thank you for sharing. I’m looking forward to more of what you have to share on this blog. My name is Funke. My friend directed me to your site after she advised me to read your story on bella naija. I was so inspired. She said you reply to emails also. I would really appreciate any advice you can give me as I am also trusting God to bring my special somebody into my life. May God continue to bless your marital home. Funke x


  2. Temi says:

    Hello Mrs Busari, I read your testimony on a website and I just want to say am so inspired by your story. I would really like to learn more from what you have to say and from what you have experienced. I’m also very happy that you have this blog – I will be following because there is a lot for me to learn. God bless you and your husband.


    • Mrs Busari says:

      Hi Temi, thank you for your message. I will be posting some new material soon and will definitely let you know when. Or if you subscribe then you’ll automatically get a message when a new post is out. God bless you too x


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