Bonjour! Welcome to my site. 

Mrsbusari.com is all about my journey as a wife and as a mother – and it’s the fruit of the Marriage Ministry that God had promised I would have, back in 2011 when He told me that Mr B would be my husband. 

After a very SUPERNATURAL journey of God bringing my husband and I together, and of Him blessing us with a very SUPERNATURAL journey to pregnancy and parenthood… He has called me to share my experiences and to be a source of encouragement for both single ladies who are trusting in God for their husband – and for young married couples.

Despite what the World may say…God still very much cares about His institution of Marriage and about WHO we marry and about the TYPE of marriage (not wedding) that we have… and the families and homes we’re raising for His kingdom.
Marriage is Beautiful. Marriage is Holy. Marriage belongs to God. And it is built on Faith, Hope & Love.




Mrs B! I’d just like to say I found your story online and it has been such a blessing to me. Your ministry is truly Ordained by God and I have learnt so much from you in terms of what it means to truly trust in God’s Word regarding His promises. Thank you for being an inspiration and may God continue to bless your ministry and the work of your hands.


Love, Nike x


I found your story online and I’m so impressed. I believe that men like me can learn a lot from the messages you put out there. It inspires me to be a better man so that God can point me in the direction of the woman He’s called to be my wife – so I will know how to treat her right. Thank you Mrs B and God bless you.


Pedro, Johannesburg, SA

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